Platform Networking for Jobs offers seven projects: Fit4Work, Assessments, Project Management, Corporate Volunteering, pilot project “Professionals with professional education respectively experience” and research project “Unemployed academics and shortage of specialists”.

The job seekers will be equipped with the following tools:

Fit4WorkAssessmentsProject ManagementCorporate Volunteering/Understanding through dialog
  • In-depth site analysis and development of an application strategy
  • Assessments, certified by leading providers
  • Individual counseling and support by the Networking for Jobs staff
  • Mentoring by one or more mentors
  • Processing of the entire application dossier
  • Networking with companies through the competence center Networking for Jobs
  • Personal development: Various empowerment trainings
  • Simulation of interviews
  • Language courses (German, Phonetics, Swiss German, English)
  • Migrants have no professional experience in Switzerland, and no Swiss references. The profiles of job seekers are unfulfilled – due to the migration – and the information is difficult to verify.
  • Because of that, candidates are checked by external assessors, a line or HR manager of a company, and also by a mentor for their personal and team competences as well as their professional skills.
  • Thanks to the assessments, personnel managers can better assess the candidates applications to Swiss companies. Thus, the chances for an invitation to an interview increase significantly.
  • The assessments correspond to a high standard and are certified by leading providers with a wide range of professional test methods for psychological assessments.
Projects are ubiquitous in everyday work . A certified training in project management optimizes the qualifications of the candidate and thus increases the chances of employment. The processing of a hands-on project offer opportunities for companies. Together with the competence center Network for Jobs, concrete projects at companies are acquired.
Here’s how:

  • Job-seekers and Networking for Jobs together with companies acquire projects.
  • The project management education focuses on a 100 -day project participation in the company. It is designed to tackle a specific project for the company. For the training, participants will increase the chances of a job opportunity. At the same time they generate added value for the company.

Course structure – content and learning objectives:

  • The 8 day course treats the subjects project planning and control, methods and project finance, project team management.
  • Cooperation with companies.
  • This project has the goal of constructive dialog in workshops to promote the encounter and approach of immigrants and the advancement of local society.
  • The offer is aimed at immigrants, Swiss returnees, mentors (Swiss), and other interested persons.
  • You all make an important contribution to dialog and coexistence in society.
  • The experience from our previous work documents that addressing issues of integration, migration and communication makes a major contribution to the reduction of prejudice.
  • The participants put themselves in this position of the opponent and thus learn different perspectives, visibility and ways of thinking. This enables the participants to question their own position and better understand the positions of others.