Success stories

Our success rate is high: 65% of our project participants find a job within 6 to 12 months. More than one thousand job applicants have obtained employment and started a successful career through Networking for Jobs. As the leading competence center in Switzerland, we facilitate access to the Swiss labor market for qualified immigrants and Swiss repatriates, thus contributing to the reduction of the lack of skilled employees in the Swiss economy.

Theres, Project Manager from Switzerland

Hoechli TheresI lived in Mexico for almost six years, where a worked with an organisation for women’s rights. On my return to Switzerland, I wanted to move into a new direction professionally. As a result, and also due to my rather long absence from Switzerland, I did not feel familiar with the Swiss job market any longer, and I chose to join the program of the competence center Networking for Jobs. The tips on my curriculum vitae and motivation letters were very helpful and encouraged me. My mentor provided me with guidance in the NGO world, and I particularly appreciated the commitment of the employees. I felt supported and found my individual needs to be taken seriously. I was lucky and found a job in a development cooperation organization in a relatively short period of time.

I got married and moved to Zurich after having a successful career in international development cooperation in New York and Geneva. I was at a total loss in Zurich’s corporate job markets and had little social capital or useful networks who could really help me with a career transition. Luckily my mother-in-law found an article on Migros Magazin about the Platform and I decided to reach out “Networking for Jobs”. My experience in this organization was a breath of fresh air! Apart from practical advice about international companies and the job markets, the Platform helped me shape a career strategy and provided me with invaluable insights into the Swiss hiring practices and how it can be extremely challenging for foreign female candidates. What is particularly crucial is the Platform’s comprehensive social, psychological and soft-skill support, which has really boosted my confidence. Only four weeks into the Platform, my career transition begins to take shape with concrete results. I feel like the world is once again my oyster!

I came across Platform Networking while looking for a new accounting opportunity in the Swiss labor market. In a market where the success of your search largely depends on connections. They supported my job-search during two months. I had the opportunity, to meet dedicated people, that are well concerned with getting their job done right. It was an awesome experience because I finally met people that helped me to identify the weaknesses I had in my CV and in presenting myself to potential employers. The solution-driven support and the advices I have received in drafting and proof-reading a new successful CV were unravelling. Furthermore, I would recommend this experience to anybody willing to improve his language and interview skills. These are very valuable skills in such a highly competitive market. Your paid membership truly pays for the whole range of services offered. Thank you!


I am aware that by moving to Switzerland, based on various reasons, we have challenged ourselves and our professions. As job seekers we have valuable expertise in various inspiring and promising fields, and this is why it is not easy to reset our goals and to determine our future accomplishments. For sure, there are times when we feel pressured and downhearted. However, what I have grasped on the workshops at Platform Networking for Jobs is that we all have energy which drives us from inside. Especially, the workshop at Näfels was a “wakeup” call that has initiated a great source of vitality inside me and that is the potential, self-esteem and determination which I already own. I am convinced that we have significant capacities to turn this challenge into a great opportunity for us and for the  society where we do live right now. We dreamt it so we can do it!


FelisiaIn 2007 I came to Switzerland as an expectant mother. After maternity leave, I decided to return to work. Although I hold a Master’s degree in Engineering, a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and despite my nearly 7 years of professional experience both in industry and academia, I had trouble finding a job. In 2014, upon the recommendation of my career counselor, I joined the program at the competence center Networking for Jobs. From early 2015 on I attended workshops and language courses, developed my skills and optimized the application process together with my mentors. Finally, in September 2015, I was offered a job and began an internship in a start-up. I am glad that, trough Networking for Jobs, I got my chance to enter the professional world.

Marketing Expert from India
I came to Switzerland in 2010. After I had earned my Master’s degree in International Management, I took a German course and began looking for a job. The result was 5 interviews, but unfortunately all of them were unsuccessful. I saw red, it was time to rethink my situation. That was when I came to the competence center Networking for Jobs in November 2014. Networking for Jobs’ methodology is phenomenal. I got interview trainings with HR managers, took part in workshops and got to know mentors in good positions at big companies who showed me how to apply for a job more specifically and effectively.  Furthermore, I got the chance to practice and to improve my German. I was able to participate in personal and team assessments, which helped me reflect my strengths and work on my weaknesses. In February 2015, after three months, I found a job.