COVID-19 Protection Concept

The following measures apply:

  1. Consultations
    The consultations are offered in our office for one person at a time.
  2. Workshops
    Workshops take place in rooms in which the BAG regulations can be adhered to (4 mtr2. / Person). They are ventilated at regular intervals.
  3. Mask
    Each person is responsible for bringing the mask with them. (Mask requirement for people aged 12 and over)
  4. No shaking hands
    Greetings and farewells take place without shaking hands.
  5. Safety distance
    A distance of 1.5m meters will be maintained during the entire encounter.
  6. Hygiene measures
    Disinfectants for hand disinfection are available in the entrance area of the office. We regularly clean devices, especially those used jointly.
  7. Measure after the interview
    The counsellor disinfects the door handle, the table and the chair of the meeting room before and after the conversation.


Stay healthy and above all cheerful!