In 2003, Networking for Jobs was launched as a pilot project in cooperation with a leading Swiss NGO. Two years later, the program was further developed and became operationally independent. Ever since, the services offered have been continuously optimized and tailored to the needs of the target group as well as the industry. Throughout this process, a unique network of relations with the industry could be built. Over 2000 people were able to start a successful career with the support of the competence center Networking for Jobs. Today, as a leading competence center, we facilitate the access to the Swiss labor market for highly qualified immigrants and Swiss repatriates and contribute to the mitigation of the shortage of specialists in the economy.


Roxana Paz
Roxana Paz CEO
Roxana Paz completed her studies in social and political sciences at the University of Zurich. She is a consultant and trainer in the areas of occupational integration and networks. Her core functions include the networking of different stakeholders, location decisions, strategic career counseling, assessment and development centers. She graduated from various international institutes, completing courses in the field of systemic-constructivist approaches to consulting and group process/dynamics, resource models, management and leadership, communication and conflict management. She also brings experience from various projects in the area of development cooperation in Switzerland as well as in South America.
Basil Signori
Basil SignoriPresident
Basil Signori has several years of experience in the financial sector in Zurich, as well as tax issues and migration law. He also has extensive knowledge in the legal field. He is represented as a board member of various organizations of the cultural sector.
Thomas Krapf
Thomas KrapfBoard Member
Thomas Krapf is in business administration and worked as an executive at an international management consulting firm. Previously, he has worked in various financial and insurance companies in the U.S., Europe and Switzerland, and he set up and directs his own company. His main focus is risk management. As a board member of the competence center Networking for jobs, Thomas Krapf offers support particularly in the areas of Strategy and Finance.
Cornelia Würmli
Cornelia WürmliBoard Member
Cornelia Würmli is a qualified expert in accounting and an entrepreneur. For over 10 years she has headed a trust company (accounting, taxation, company formation, etc.) and continuously educated herself as trustee. Her responsibilities on the board of the competence center Networking for Jobs include the association’s accounting records, the financial statements of insurance companies, and the creation of the financial statements.
Sumon Kunz
Sumon KunzScientific Researcher
Sumon Kunz, Beirat Advisor – Scientific Research, Ph.D. International Human Rights Law/Gender.
Dr. Achim Hättich
Dr. Achim HättichScientific Researcher
As part of the research of the competence center Networking for Jobs, Dr. Hättich is involved in various projects. He lectures on topics such as social networks, positive psychology, stress management within Networking for Jobs, etc. He has several years of experience as a researcher and lecturer at a university of applied sciences in Zurich, and is a media psychologist and author of numerous books and articles. Email: achim.hä

Silvana Lindt
Silvana LindtExternal Advisor
Silvana Lindt, External Advisor, MA. Sociology/Political Science.

Cooperation Partners

Kristina Hermann
Kristina HermannDipl. Psychologist, group dynamics consultant, trainer
Kristina Hermann is group dynamics consultant and trainer (DGGO) at the Institute for Urban Planning and Development at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland in Basel. She provides services in team assessment and training for the competence center Networking for Jobs.
Eva Winizki
Eva WinizkiSwiss state-recognized psychoterapist
Eva Winizki is partner for intercultural organisational consulting and has an education in organisational development and supervision.
Peter A. Sutter
Peter A. SutterExecutive and communication coach
Peter A. Sutter works in the areas organizational developement, personnel management, outplacement and assessments.
Monika Clausen
Monika ClausenCEO of Dr. Monika Clausen und Netzwerkpartner
Monika Clausen conducts trainings and workshops in the area of the application process.
Dr. Katja Lüthy
Dr. Katja LüthyFreelance journalist and publicist

Katja Lüthy is a freelance journalist and publicist. She supports the competence center Networking for Jobs in Corporate Publishing and updating the website.

Language Teachers

Walter Bachmann
Walter BachmannLanguage Teacher
Walter Bachmann studied Germanics, French literature and History at the Zürich University and completed the masters. Besides his instructional work at the technical school ZHAW, he has also had a number of sojourns abroad. Walter teaches German at the competence center Networking for Jobs.
Dale Nägeli
Dale Nägeli Language Teacher
Dale Nägeli was born in S.A. and lived in Mexico and Belgium for many years. She is a graphic designer and worked in advertising before she became an English teacher. She holds the SVEB certificate. Dale teaches English at the competence center Networking for Jobs.
Juan Carlos Dihlmann
Juan Carlos Dihlmann Expert in phonetics
Juan Carlos Dihlmann teaches German as a Foreign Language and is licensed auditor for Goethe Certificates. He has a Master’s degree in French and German Linguistics from the University of Konstanz, and he completed the training “German as a foreign language”. As expert in phonetics he is responsible for our phonetics lessons.