We have been pioneering for 12 years to make Swiss repatriates, immigrants and Swiss fit for work

Only through a targeted tie-in to the Swiss labor market can the education investments made in the country of origin be useful to both the immigrants and the local society. Higher tax revenues through higher income and the cessation of social security benefits bring only advantages to our society. With its versatile offer of services, the competence center Networking for Jobs supports the qualified job seeker in the finding of a suitable position as well as the ability to prove their efficiency in the Swiss labor market.

The competence center Networking for Jobs supports a group of largely disregarded immigrants, Swiss repatriates and Swiss who, although having above average academic and college education, are not finding positions in the Swiss labor market that correspond with their previous career experience and qualifications. Social and economic reasons often force them to settle for an unsatisfactory and unfulfilling job position. As a result of this, valuable resources are being lost in our society.

Recommendation Letters

Recommendation Letter City Council Zurich
Recommendation Letter SEM

The Platform Networking for Jobs has been audited by PWC (2017)